FB Zeolite

1.A kind of natural mineral-“stilbite”

2.Is found in the year 1756 by a member of the Swedish Axel Fredrick Cronstedt Mineralogy and to this as the Zeolite in Latin or “boiling stones”.

3.Shaped three-dimensional, microporous and crystalline solid (Al, Silicon and Oxygen)

4.Able to convert a high positive charge (120-200 Meq/100g-CEC). Absorbs positively charged nutrients such as nitrogen (ammonia), potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, iron, copper and zinc
5.Releasing the tree slowly.Provide a variety of nutritional balance and reduce the loss of nitrogen and potassium nutrition.

6.Felcra use 6000 metric tons per ton

7.FPSSB mine capacity 3000 tonnes per month in Indonesia

8.To use the rice, rubber and other crops for soil improvement, especially in the improvement of CEC

9.Packaging = 50kg per bag

10.Minimum order = 3 metric tons – 25 metric tons

11.Price = RM 600 ** permetric tons

12.Powder and Granular Formulations

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